11 Best VoIP Providers To Choose From In 2021

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Best VoIP Service Providers in 2021

The ever-increasing advancements in technology cast their shadow across industries, surging profits across the world. In fact, the very recent VoIP technology has revolutionised the entire telecom industry. VoIP not only provides excellent connectivity but allows businesses to engage in unlimited voice calls.

One of the most common myths circulating the market is that VoIP calling is unreliable and businesses fear losing their communication after shifting to cloud-based communication solutions. However, VoIP is extremely trustworthy and even boosts customer interactions greatly.

Here is a list of the best VoIP service providers you should consider for your business.

1. Acefone

Acefone’s VoIP solutions have impressive advantages that attract businesses of all types. It can effectively reduce the cost of each call charged by the providers. Most companies have to make a hundred calls each day and regular calling charges can amount to a lot of expenditure. Not only is VoIP cost-efficient, in most cases, but the provider also offers a guaranteed service quality.

The benefits of VoIP calling are endless; you can leverage each of them smartly like multitasking while on a call, sending quick messages, reading voice mails, and so on. This provides businesses with versatility and increases their work efficiency. For instance, having a conference call on a traditional phone system can be costly. However, when you are in VoIP, it makes the process extremely easy and cost-efficient.

VoIP service from Acefone is flexible and offers businesses the benefit of using a variety of features for their growth.

2. AT&T Collaborate

No matter what your requirements are, AT&T Collaborate VoIP provider is going to satisfy all of them. You won’t regret investing in the service provided by AT&T Collaborate because of the superior quality service they deliver. It is a feature-rich phone system that reduces the communication gap between businesses and their clients with their great PBX quality.

3. Dialpad

When you are searching for a VoIP provider that is extremely compatible with your smartphone and is affordable at the same time, you must consider Dialpad. The features offered at this price range make it an excellent choice for small to medium scale businesses. You can easily set it up and integrate it with other office apps to enhance your business’ efficiency.

4. Freshcaller

Companies looking for VoIP providers, especially for client support needs, should consider Freshcaller. The plans have been designed with very reasonable pricing, making Freshcaller one of the most affordable service providers in the industry. While it may not work with daily business operations, it comes highly recommended for customer support or call center requirements.

5. Intermedia Cloud PBX

If your business is based in the US and Canada and you are looking for a reputable VoIP provider, you should consider Intermedia Cloud PBX. It promises 99.99% uptime, making it highly reliable. The features offered are not unique but display great stability during usage.

6. Mitel

Mitel is a one-stop solution to all your communication-related worries in business operations. The pricing for Mitel varies from $21 to $39 and they offer three levels of service–Essential, Premier, and Elite. Again, you have the option to choose according to your business’ needs.

7. Nextiva

You can choose from their three plans–Office Pro, Office Basic, and Office Enterprise, depending on your business’ needs. Irrespective of your business’ size, Nextiva won’t disappoint you at any stage. You can make unlimited calls in the US and Canada and gain a highly affordable VoIP service.

8. RingCentral

RingCentral is one of the popular and reliable VoIP providers. The company offers varied cloud-based plans. ‘One plan fit for all’ is not their motto and you can pick according to your business’ requirements. You can enjoy HD meetings without any worries, including fax and SMS service. Even a novice can work with this service as it is extremely easy to set up.

9. Vonage Business Solutions

Here you get a variety of plans to choose from depending upon your business’ requirements. With around 2.5 million customers, Vonage is among the most well-liked VoIP providers in the industry. You can make endless calls in the US and Canada.

10. 3CX

The 3CX is specifically designed for the Windows operating system and syncs well with smartphone devices. It offers yearly plans and the price varies according to the number of simultaneous calls that you make. Video conferencing is flawless with the 3CX plus you also get an on-premise hosting system.

11. 8x8

One of the premier quality VoIP providers, 8x8 is known for its excellent services. With more than forty thousand customers, the company is among the most trusted phone systems. The high-quality international calling is one of their top-rated features. You can enjoy a great conference calling experience due to its excellent online call management.

If you are still not on a VoIP network for your contact center business, this is the right time to make the shift. VoIP technology improves productivity and is extremely cost-effective.

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