7 Reasons to Shift Your Business Operations To Cloud Telephony

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According to a study, “50% of companies will fail in the first 5 years, whereas 80% of businesses will not be able to make in their business up to 10 years.” Several reasons head to these severe percentages like shortage of investment, lower managerial experiences, and many more. However, in the present era, the existing and potential companies can save themselves from witnessing such statistics by deploying cloud technology, also known as Cloud Telephony.

In the recent period, there has been an exceptional rise in the number of startups and small businesses. Every entrepreneur wishes to take their startups or companies to new heights. The fast-growing advancement in technology can be the only source that best serves them to achieve their goal.

Every company in modern time searches for a strategy to move from traditional workspace to a digitalized one. Nowadays, many company divisions have a client support network that provides solutions for business product and service inquiries to their clients. Although to make sure that the businesses give the best outbound service to clients, they must ensure a resilient and automatic system for prolonged sustainability.

Cloud telephony is also referred to as hosted/cloud calling. It is a cloud-based unified communication technology that enables businesses to shift their company phone system on the cloud. A cloud-based communication system makes it easy for the company to have a secure and stable conversation with the clients.

Cloud technology provides the best solution for businesses to enhance their services, such as marketing campaigns, caller verification systems, and many more. These methods enable the industry to operate their company efficiently irrespective of the location.

The integration of CRM and Predictive Dialer with the IVR system can let the businesses handle their inbound calls and sales calling process quickly. Cloud telephony is a cost-effective technology that saves companies a lot of money as there is no requirement of hardware or any kind of infrastructure system to begin.

Let us understand how companies can leverage the cloud telephony technique to ensure a considerable growth.

1. Analyze high volumes of information

To make sure that the businesses run smoothly, companies use the cloud telephony system. The conversation with the clients can be recorded and analyzed using cloud-based technology software. Agents thus need not analyze the calls manually. The cloud-based system provides businesses with a customizable information dashboard that features detailed information on understanding how many clients got quick replies to their queries. Cloud telephony does not let companies miss the incoming call at any time. With cloud solutions, the businesses can recognize quality leads, keep records of all customer requirements, and provide them with the best service and hence, satisfaction.

2. High Revenue

The businesses use cloud telephony solutions such as toll free numbers to provide the clients with a user-centric experience. Since calling a toll free number does not charge the clients, so they prefer to make a call with toll free numbers. Toll free number also ensures total privacy of the call communication between clients and agents as the calls are redirected to the agents randomly.

3. Ensure Security

The cloud-based system ensures end-to-end security. The agent must not worry about sharing individual details with the clients. The call that the agent attends comes via cloud-based technology. The agents receive calls that are randomly sequenced, and they don’t need to worry about interacting with the same angry or impatient customers again. The cloud telephony system allows businesses to create blacklists, which helps them to make sure that no spammers intervene in the business’s performance. The networks without any type of disturbances increase agent productivity and build more robust work surroundings.

4. Disaster Recovery

Companies need to make sure that their phone system never goes down. It should be up 24/7 to support its clients and to get inbound, prospect, or new sales. A cloud phone system helps by guarding against a lack of enterprise voice in case of disasters. Using the cloud always guarantees a stable and flexible phone service.

5. Better Networks

Maintenance of records can be a heavy business responsibility besides a big team of agents. The call center service like Outbound Call can help businesses decrease time and cost. This will allow companies to approach a broad audience with pre-recorded messages simultaneously.

6. Eminent Scalability

Cloud telephony solutions allow companies to monitor and handle many phone calls at a time. This software helps the businesses to keep track of each call and record them to make sure that no incoming call is dropped. This, in turn, enables the companies to not to miss any valuable call. The company can gain a better client retention rate if every call is attended nicely by the agent and answered with the most suitable resolution to their query. Moreover, giving immediate solution happens when clients connect.

7. Easy Accessibility

Hosted telephony offers the highest industry flexibility, which is undoubtedly advantageous for small businesses and existing startups. Using cloud telephony services, companies can access the business’s operations and interact seamlessly across the world with the use of automated software connected with net connectivity. Using cloud telephony, the businesses are able to combine its diversely located offices and devices using an integrated cloud hosting system. This helps the business and its reps handle their own calls and workflow even when they are out of office premises or at home.

Wrapping Up

In this new era, steady and positive business growth is not so easy. Companies face many issues related to the communication system or collaboration among the agents. But, cloud-based technology resolves all such problems. By choosing cloud telephony, companies can move their communication system to the cloud and, hence, can easily handle all conversations between the clients and the agents. This allows them to handle the client’s database securely and effectively.

Cloud telephony offers high scalability to the businesses as it provides them the probability of hiring more staff in the future without additional hardware. Cloud telephony is the best cost-effective solution for all businesses.

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