My First Poem That I wrote Almost 4 years ago

Hope you like my work. Based on true life incidences and emotions :)

You are my angel
My first love
I just cant get you off my mind
And I Can’t Stop Loving you.

[Verse 1]

Hehe!! When we first talk
It was like my alone winter night walk
My love for you grew older
I dreamt of your head on my shoulder

We both were like best friends ever
But I wanted to make you mine for forever
I don’t care what the world say — “whatever”
I wanted to lost in you somewhere
But got no place “Anywhere ?”
Still I don’t mind
Because smile on your face! I always try to find

You were like a wind
Like birds flying over the field
I am your protecting shield
Ummm like a electric field

[Verse 2]

I don’t know.. What you think of me ?
I just wanted to know your feelings
I am just fed up with my devil’s dealings
Feels like to jump from ceiling.

My love for you will never fade
A feeling that I can’t never evade
It is like to be in love with you since decades
And I’m not afraid

Today’s night I am writing this song
I wish this night to prolong
Because I wanna feel the pain all night long
And this time my verse won’t go wrong

[Verse 3]

After last night incident, you may call me rude
And my besties call me “HELL DUDE”
Halfway of my love, And it screwed
Its my love song, which I dont want to be reviewed

This is the last time, I am writing this shit
I ask for forgiveness for all the sins i have commit
But What you get from last poem, I didn’t wanted to transmit
I am asking for new friendship.. So permit

Don’t worry! I will be a deep ocean
swallowing all of my pain and grief
because I don’t want to wake up in disbelief

I will be the rising star
Catching every hottie in coffee bar
Yeah! Impressing them with my guitar
Taking them for a long drive in my sports car

I wish good luck for you & your love
Maybe he needs you more than I do
Or you need him more than me
Shouting & Screaming to the night never ending
I can’t die.. A lot of people are depending

I can never let you go
How bad or good I am so
The matter is that do you understand this too
Future will speak in what I will break into.

“I still hate the sun’s striking ray,
And I still sing “Don’t Walk Away”” :(

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