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Comprehensive and detailed app reviews showcase what exactly it has to offer to its users. App reviews are major decision-making factors for users, especially when they have to spend their hard-earned dollars to use your app. On the other hand, for app owners and developers, it is the perfect way to pitch their app in front of a targeted audience and gain more customers. In this article, we have a treat for both parties. Here we have compiled a list of top 20 app review sites. Pitch your app or app idea to these websites to get your app reviewed and featured on these platforms.

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Top 20 App review websites:

Product Hunt is one of the best app review websites on this list. The platform features tech products around the globe. Here, you can get your app featured irrespective of its underline technology. So, if its an Android app based on health or iOS game, feel free to target Product Hunt for getting it published. However, the platform gets a high number of requests from people. Therefore, make sure that your app is unique and solves a common problem.

Here are some tips that can help you get featured on Product Hunt:

  • Before pitching your idea to the Product Hunt team or submitting your app on the platform, create an account at least a month ago and be active on the platform.
  • Upvote other products and engage with the community through discussions. This activity will help you to form some relationships with the people on the platform.
  • After your app gets published on the website, you can politely ask these people to upvote your product and share it with others.
  • Make sure your app is free from bugs, and its UI/UX is fantastic.

Domain Authority: 86

Alexa Rank: 6407

2. MobileAppDaily

MobileAppDaily is another one of the top app review sites on our list. The website covers thorough reviews of apps and covers a wide range of genres, from productivity to photography. With 145k email subscribers and huge social media followers, it is the perfect home for your app to garner downloads and acquire loyal users.

Additionally, if you have a marketing budget, then you can make use of their paid promotion activities to increase brand presence and more downloads for your app. Best of all, they do it with creativity and will create content to impress users with a walkthrough video, press releases, or social media marketing.

Domain Authority: 39

Alexa Rank: 33,411

3. 148Apps

148Apps is one of the best app review sites for iOS and Mac apps. The website extensively covers iPhone apps, games, news, tips, and guides. In addition to that, the website also has a separate section for iPad reviews. Therefore, if you have an iPad app to promote, 148Apps is the best place to get the job done.

The process to get your app featured on 148Apps is quite simple. Just visit the link provided above to read their guidelines and best practices.

Domain Authority: 74

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