Understanding Programming Languages and Their Business Impact

Why Are There So Many Different Programming Languages?

Low-Level vs. High-Level Languages

There are many programming languages, but they are more broadly split into “low-level” and “high-level” languages. This means that the language is either closer to machine code or human language.

Compiled vs. Interpreted Languages

When a computer is asked to execute a developer’s code, it must be translated into machine code the computer can understand. There are two ways to do this: using a compiler or an interpreter. Languages typically use one method or the other, although some can use both.

How Businesses Use Programming Languages

In business, programming is used mainly for data analysis and to create proprietary software. Tech companies hire lots of developers to create new software products, using a suite of tools that will vary based on the industry and needs of the business. They also use programming for data science tasks that can boost organizational performance.

Data Analytics Drive Modern Businesses

Big data and artificial intelligence tools have become more advanced, robust, and accessible. More organizations are tapping into the power of these technologies for increased business success. While business analytics systems are designed for smaller organizations to use their data, the real big data success stories come from companies with dedicated data science teams.

Most Popular Programming Languages

The world’s biggest tech companies use a combination of different programming languages to keep their organizations running. Although some outliers in their tech stacks are not widely used, most large companies rely on the most popular programming languages.

Considerations in Selecting a Programming Language

Computers, at their core, are both elementary and highly complex. Everything at a certain point is binary, but we need additional layers to understand and direct the computer’s code to do what we want. And because there are countless functions computers can perform, businesses need to be selective in the tech they use.

Languages Programmers Should Learn

If you want to get a job as a programmer, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of different languages. However, unless you want to work in particular contexts, it’s best to stick with learning the most widely-used languages.

Today’s Businesses Rely on Strong Tech and Programming

For many organizations, their success is dictated by their ability to leverage data and their use of technology. Data has become one of the world’s most essential resources, and savvy businesses understand that the details matter. Right now, data analysis provides a significant competitive edge, but it will soon become critical.



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